Prodigy Performing Arts Company is an all-encompassing dance and arts institution dedicated to quality dance education with a healthy balance of rigor and enjoyment in our curriculum. We have a centralized syllabus for all classes offered to promote consistency in training throughout the company for steady student growth and progression. At PPAC, we welcome dancers from all walks of life. We provide all class levels to accommodate both the serious dancer and the recreational dancer. Diversity is important to us! Students are encouraged to celebrate everything that makes them unique. We truly believe in fostering an environment where no student or family feels marginalized due to race, 宗教, 性别认同, 取向, 物理属性, 高度, 重量, 等. 无论哪个学生, we are dedicated to providing a nurturing and safe environment for beautiful, young artists to grow and develop artistically.




Technique, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro/Tumbling, Preschool Dance

凯萨•李•库巴拉Keisha斯图尔特 has been a professional dance instructor for 25 years trained in a variety of styles. She received pre-professional dance training at James Hubert Blake High School for Fine Arts majoring in Dance with a concentration in choreography. She began working as a student choreographer under the mentorship of the Dance Director, 唐娜•里斯, developing her unique sense of style based on her Afro-Indian and Caribbean heritage. At Blake HS, Keisha was a member of her Poms Squad, Step 舞蹈团队, and Modeling Club. Keisha professionally trained with the Dance Theater of Harlem’s DC Residency program for 2 years in Ballet and Pointe, and studied dance through various dance teacher training programs and conferences over the years. She was also a coach and choreographer for a Maryland All-Star Cheer & 舞蹈团队.

Keisha graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Alternative Medicine from Everglades University concentrating in Anatomy and Manual Therapies. Her training and years of work as a Physical Therapy Assistant has allowed her to safely teach young dancers with an understanding of anatomy, 生理学, and how growth and development affect dancers. Keisha is also trained and is a certified Instructor in Acrobatic Arts.

Keisha is the Creative director for our award-winning competition dance team, Merge Dance Collective. With her innovative choreographic style, Keisha’s work has been recognized for numerous judge’s awards, 编排奖, and Top Studio Recognition awards. Keisha specializes in creating works catered to the strength of her dancers regardless of their competitive level. Her ability to make dancers shine in their strengths is what attracts students to her. Keisha is a strong advocate for diversity in dance and in the competition world. 在她的工作室里, she has promoted self-love, 身体的积极性, and cultural diversity in music and dance.

Keisha also owns and operates our sister studio, Barre None Dance Company in Henrico, VA. In addition to her dance experience, Keisha is a licensed Cosmetologist in the State of Maryland, has done professional runway modeling, 还有选美比赛. Keisha is now a mother of two baby girls and can’t wait for them to join the dance world!




Tap, Jazz, Acro/Tumbling, Preschool Dance, Musical Theatre, Ballet

Nikki began her dance journey at the young age of 2. Throughout her entire childhood and teen years, she danced a variety of 爵士乐, 芭蕾舞, 抒情, 当代, 利用, 嘻哈, 和kickline. She also explored floor tumbling for 3 years recreationally & cheer club at her high school.

While continuing the dance instruction at her local studio, she was also a devoted member of her high school 舞蹈团队 for 3+ years. She performed at school football & basketball games and various other events. Performing was her passion, and dance quickly became a 7 day-a-week priority! The team primarily focused on the 爵士乐, kickline & 嘻哈风格的舞蹈. Her team attended competitions & workshops all around the New England area and NYC as well. She even got to meet some Radio City Rockettes. 

This is Nikki's fourth year teaching at Prodigy Performing Arts Company/Barre None Dance Company. Prior to teaching at the studio, she attended adult classes and even performed in the Spring Concerts!

You can find Nikki in the studio teaching a variety of classes, working with our 精英团队, and giving private lessons. She travels with our 精英团队 to competitions around Virginia and surrounding states. In addition to this, she is a part of our marketing and administrative team... she is also the studio 'picture taker'!

Nikki strives to provide the best dance education she can give. She is always brushing up on the newest dance skills, techniques, and more. Nikki has studied with Acrobatic Arts in many workshops such has handsprings, aerials, and more! She has studied with them for multiple certification courses, as well. 她是一级 & II certified in Acro/Tumbling!



Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary

Brianna's passion for dance and performing started at the age of 8. 在过去的15年里, she has been trained in genres such as 芭蕾舞, 嘻哈, 利用, 抒情, 爵士乐, 霍顿当代, 和舞厅. Throughout her high school years, she continued her love for dance and served as captain and choreographer of Monacan High school's dance team.

Brianna graduated Cum Laude from 北卡罗莱纳 A&T State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She continues to work as a political organizer and strategist, but her love of dance could not be stopped, and she takes pride in teaching kids to love dance above all else. 在学校的时候, she was the production president of two dance performance groups expanding her choreographic skills and in late 2019 she created and implemented a platform designed to allow students from lower socio-economic backgrounds the chance to participate in the creative arts entitled "A Path Less Danced," which debuted in Greensboro, 北卡罗莱纳.

Brianna continues to spread her love of dance at numerous studios in the Virginia and 北卡罗莱纳 areas, co-directing her own competitive dance team in northern NC; her talents being awarded several entertainment awards, special judges recognition, 还有编舞奖. This year she is celebrating 4 years of teaching, specializing in dance technique and 芭蕾舞 fundamentals. Brianna is excited for another season at PPAC!




Tap, Jazz, Contemporary

Allison began dancing around the time she could walk which led her mother to put her in combination 利用/芭蕾舞 classes when she was 5. After her first recital she was hooked and continued dancing in her hometown of Forest, Virginia. At age 10 she joined her studio’s competition team which further cultivated her love of dance and performing. Attending conventions and learning from master teachers always left her inspired and grateful to be able to grow in the art of dance. 她受过踢踏舞训练, 爵士乐, 芭蕾舞, 黑, 当代, 堵塞, 嘻哈, 街爵士乐, 高跟鞋, 还有音乐剧. Allison is currently a member of the RVA 利用 troupe, a group of adult 利用 dancers dedicated to the continuation of 利用 dance based out of Richmond Virginia. She is also a current student at Virginia Commonwealth University pursuing a degree in public relations. In her free time she loves to travel, write, and take 嘻哈 classes. Allison is so excited for her first year teaching at Prodigy Performing Arts. She loves to share the art of dance and the spirit of performing with dancers of every age. She feels very fortunate to have teachers that shared the love of dance as well as their technical knowledge and aims to do the same for her students. 

Mariella De Fazio Rio



Preschool Dance, Acro/Tumbling, Ballet

Mari started dancing when she was 5 years old at Marilyn Bostic’s Ballet Centre in Tempe, Arizona. The moment she started dancing she found a connection with it and hasn’t been able to stop dancing since. She found her love for 芭蕾舞, 利用, 爵士乐, and 当代 there. When she was 13 she moved to Virginia where she needed a new studio to call home and she found Barre None Dance Company. BNDC connected her with some amazing dancers and mentors that enhanced her love for dance. Adding 嘻哈, acro, and 黑 to the styles she does. She was a competitive dancer at Barre None and Merge Dance Collective from age 14 to 18 and became a dance teacher’s assistant which made her passion for teaching grow. She is now a dance major in the VCUarts program. She has aspirations to continue teaching and choreograph in the future! Mari is excited to add sister studio, 神童, to her teaching schedule and looks forward to growing with her students!



Technique, Jazz, Contemporary

林赛·布兰德 grew up in Gainesville, VA and started her dance career in 2009 at Gainesville Dance Studio, where she trained in 芭蕾舞, 利用, 爵士乐, 抒情, 当代, 嘻哈, 和酸盐. While attending the studio, she also began her love for teaching as an assistant, working with the younger dancers in preparation for the annual recital. Lindsay was also captain of her high school’s dance team and choreographed award-winning routines. 在舞蹈的旁边, she has been an assistant coach for the Piedmont Tsunamis Swim Team, a team within the Prince William County Swim League, where she learned to work with children of all ages developing their skills and fostering a fun and supportive environment.  She currently attends Virginia Commonwealth University where she is majoring in graphic design and minoring in both business and dance. Lindsay is excited to be a part of this team and share her love for dance with the next generation of performers.